Private Cloud Storage

Albarr offers a fully bespoke solution to businesses who require files on the go with the added benefit of full management, regular backups and a dedicated virtual server.

Private Cloud Network

Albarr can move your entire existing infrastructure into the cloud. This is especially helpful and cost-effective if you are about to invest in new hardware and software.

Email Solutions

There are no stuffy contracts and we take all the hassle away from you by remotely implementing it and supporting it

Anti Spam Solutions

We offer full turnkey anti-spam solutions developed in-house, hosted by us and designed to remove the piles of junk mail clogging your inbox. Our system works by filtering

Anti Virus Solutions

Albarr provides a number of solutions for PC, server and network security and robust Anti Virus software is a key component in keeping your data safe. We are an AVG Gold Reseller

Security Solutions

We offer expert planning, implementation, auditing, monitoring, and management of complete information security solutions. Information Security is certainly not something you can