Training Management System is the complete training solution for every small and large size companies and institutes.

System includes:

Company Management
Add company details, edit company details and delete company.
Course Management
Add course details, edit course details, delete course details with booking system
Instructor Management
Add instructor details, edit instructor details and delete instructor details.
Student Management
Add student details, edit student details and delete student with course booking(enrollment).
Student fail report
Generate student fail report.
Attendance Sheets
Attendance sheet front, back, course wise and company wise.
FD-FST certificate design and print, FD-PTWR-D certificate design and print.
OPITO certificate and Medical forms
OPITO Certificate printing and medical forms printing and attendance sheet printing.
Show all system statics.
User Roles and permissions
User Roles and permissions Management.
User management
add system user, edit system user and delete system user.

and much much more........

Training Management System

Client Name
: FireDirect Training Center
: Laravel Framework
Start Date
: 1st August, 2020
End Date
: 16th October, 2020
: Completed