IPTV Solutions

IPTV or Internet Protocol Television

Internet Protocol Television or IPTV is a video broadcast technology that delivers video content over computer networks. Instead of using a medium like a cable or satellite radio to deliver content, IPTV uses converged IP networks, allowing other services like VoIP, computer data exchange, or Internet access to be still available from the same network. IPTV fits perfectly with the concept of Internet-of-Things and other ITC trends.

While based on IP protocol which is now a backbone of data provisioning for almost any connected device we use today, IPTV is truly open to supporting new devices and be integrated with various services. Both facts make IPTV easily shaped to meet the expectations of viewers, conform to suggestions of marketing specialists, and allow IT staff to integrate and maintain the solution without excessive efforts. IPTV is a relatively widespread technology, it can be found in hotels, households, on vessels, even on airplanes, and is often available from Triple Play service packages provided by Internet Service Providers.

For the last two decades, several industries like hospitality or telecom were investing into development of the Internet Protocol Television or IPTV broadcast technology. Apart from making the delivery of video content over computer networks a reality without trade-offs, those industries got a handy revenue-generating tool in their hands that let their customers enjoy a better grade service. IPTV is based on IP protocol making it possible to integrate television right into the digital realm where IoT, social networks, content hosting services and other popular web-based services are living.

Why do we need IPTV service?

There are two good reasons why IPTV evolved so fast and so many vendors have developed their own solutions of this kind. People are watching TV, lots of people. Despite the success of video hosting websites that took part of the video broadcast markets away from Pay TV providers, quality content is still available mostly from subscription-based services. IPTV made viewer experience much richer and truly interactive so that anybody who ever tried quality IPTV service will never revert to regular TV.

Easier, aesthetically and better – IPTV

IPTV helps to bring more aesthetics as it helps to get rid of personal satellite dishes

The availability of quality video content, including custom viewer choices-driven content that is available on a variety of devices, makes IPTV service a unique kind of entertainment that renders classic TV an outdated experience. Witnessing high competition among service providers, users of IPTV services can expect flexible price offers, even better content, and other features that will be constantly improving their experience.


IPTV service is suitable for many other scenarios.

Residential – Homes, hotels, villages, condominiums, living quarters, and accommodation clusters. IPTV installations of this kind are often deployed as a “triple play” service delivered via one cable. Lots of subscription-based IPTV services are delivered via local metro-e networks, requiring users to only get a set-top box and connect it to their home ISP router.

Corporate – Education, infotainment, and dedicated TV channels enrich corporate media life and allow a company to have their own mass media, which can also be private for keeping sensitive info inside the secured corporate IT infrastructure.

Commercial – IPTV and OTT subscription service providers, Telecom service providers,           owners of metro-e local networks, or building-wide networks are great examples of businesses that simply ought to use an IPTV solution for their profit. With cloud-based IPTV servers and client apps for mobile platforms, it is possible to start subscription-based IPTV service with a reasonable amount of investments.

Transportation – Passengers of trains, buses, cruise ships, and airplanes always seeking to entertain themselves during long trips. IPTV helps to deliver Live TV, Video-on-demand, on-board shopping, trip information, important announcements, and other infotainment to individual screens, helping passengers to fight stress and stay in a good mood.