Email Solutions

Microsoft Exchange has proven to be the world’s most popular business messaging platform. It boosts company productivity through advanced features like always-synced email, files, calendars and contacts; mobile access on devices such as the iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry; advanced Web-mail; shared calendars that let employees see colleagues’ availability to schedule or rearrange meetings, book conference rooms and plan projects; shared task lists that allow ‘to do’ lists to be created and assigned, then shared with team members; and shared contacts which guarantee that customers’ contact details will never be lost or misplaced.


  • Full Workforce Mobility
  • Shared Contacts and Calendars
  • Massive 10Gb Mailbox
  • Email anywhere
  • Mobile phone synchronisation
  • No Software Costs
  • No Hardware Costs
  • Control Your Costs

You can have as many or as few email accounts as you want meaning you can control your costs. There are no stuffy contracts and we take all the hassle away from you by remotely implementing it and supporting it. All you need do is use it to improve your business efficiency. You get all this simply by contacting us.