Backup Solutions Services

Backup Solutions Service

The Backup Solutions Services process begins with a comprehensive review of the information collected by Sales or Professional Services during the Assessment phase. The information usually includes a list of the applications & devices designated to be protected with the Service, Recovery Point Objectives (RPO) & Recovery Time Objectives (RTO), number and types of virtual & physical serviers, credential exchange, permission for agent installation (if needed), long term retention schedules, and initial configuration details. Other client-specific requirements, such as audit controls, security procedures, or third-party requirements, will also be reviewed. This information is documented and stored in the Technical Design Workbook. The Technical Design Workbook is used to create a Customer Workbook that is shared with the Customer after Implementation.

The Technical Design Workbook provides all necessary information to Albarr Traders engineers to ensure that information gathering is complete and the Service will be able to address the Customer’s needs. This may include network diagrams, configuration details and requirements, special security considerations, and more. The Technical Design Workbook will serve as a basis for configuration detail and will be utilized in the long-term planning and execution of the Service.
Key Features
• Complete configuration & administration by Albarr Traders backup experts
• Backup job monitoring, with regular reporting
• Backup, retention, and replication schedule designed around Customer requirements
• Option for restore into Allbar Traders cloud services
• Infrastructure health monitoring, perfor¬mance metrics, and alerting
• Operated by trained & experienced backup and storage management engineers
• Firmware updates and vendor feature analysis
• Periodic tuning to adjust performance and effectiveness of the service
• Secure customer portal for ticketing and other deliverables