Anti Virus Solutions


The Antivirus Service allows Customers to outsource the management and maintenance of the computer security of their whole IT Infrastructure.

The Antivirus management, as well as the distribution of Microsoft updates or application security patches, is followed directly by the specialized personnel of Sedoc Digital Group.

The Antivirus service includes three types of packages depending on the Customer’s operational needs:

Antivirus Base

In the case of reports of infected stations, the SDG specialist personnel warns the Customer, without any proactive intervention.

Antivirus PRO

In addition to taking over the Antivirus program, Sedoc Digital Group’s specialist staff takes care of managing security updates on Microsoft, Apple and Linux systems and major business applications. In the event of an infected station being reported, the Sedoc Digital Group specialist staff proactively intervene to remotely remove the threat.

Antivirus FSS (Full System Service)

In addition to managing what is provided for in the Antivirus PRO, Sedoc Digital Group’s specialist staff proactively proceeds, in the event of an infected workstation, to the removal of the threat by intervening locally, if necessary.