Cloud Solutions

The ‘Cloud’ is simply a generic term for having your computing and storage somewhere other than your office. Safely and securely delivering the functionality of your IT to your employees, clients and suppliers, wherever they may be. It is a standard, yet critical, requirement for most organizations, regardless of their size.

The Cloud Now Offers Huge Opportunities to all Business

The advent of cloud computing considerably increases the options available to address this challenge and should be considered by all organizations looking to both refresh their existing IT as well as extend its capability.

Benefits of Cloud Computing

Lower investments costs

Lower management costs

Reduced energy bills

Upgrades at minimal cost

Fast deployment

Available anywhere

Secure storage


Total Business Functionality

Albarr Traders offers a huge variety of cloud solutions to fit your business needs. From single remote desktops to entire business IT functionality, we specify, create and manage these on your behalf. Cloud networks can vary in size from a single PC to a full-blown client server network with integrated firewalls and phone systems. Each one is unique to the business requirement.

Please feel free to call and discuss your particular requirements with absolutely no obligation.